Our Mission

Our mission is to make Jacob's story and message available to the world through his music and writing, and to get his music into the hands of veterans at no cost.

Our Purpose

Jacob David George left his body on September 14, 2014, and left us music for processing and healing trauma. He also left us with poetry that invites us to ask, "How am I involved in these systems of violence and war?"  Veterans from across the political spectrum have found Jacob's album Soldier's Heart to be a refuge, providing a place to heal and feel the camaraderie they find themselves missing.

April 12th, 2015 was the day Jacob would have turned 33, and it is the day that we unveil www.jacobdavidgeorge.org with the intention to share his music and his words as widely as possible.  From the website you can donate to support the distribution of the music and writings to veterans at no cost to them, you can purchase CDs and books for distribution, or submit a request as a veteran for a free copy of the CD and booklet.  

On the site you can hear a word from Jacob's mother, a song he wrote for his sister, peruse the photo galleries, and link to various live performances of Jacob and his family.  Over the coming months we will also post unreleased versions of songs from his Soldier's Heart album.

We hope that Jacob's music will continue to spread around the world, and that it helps individuals, families, and our whole global community to heal and to grow in solidarity and love.  Please visit www.jacobdavidgeorge.org and share it widely on social media and LISTSERVs. And, please make a special effort to share it with anyone in your life affected by war or trauma.

Fiscal sponsorship

We are proud to be fiscally sponsored by the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology, a place that was always near and dear to Jacob's heart. The OMNI Center is based in Jacob's second hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas. All donations to our cause are tax deductible.

Here’s a description of OMNI’s work:

The OMNI Center is a vibrant group of people in Northwest Arkansas who hold a vision for a culture of peace in an earth restored. We're taking pragmatic steps toward justice, equality, open communication, meaningful networks and a healthy earth as we work on many different activities and programs together. That's an important part of what we look for in the culture of peace.